Jess has always worked with her hands. For a number of years she was in the restaurant field preparing a variety of Asian cuisines and specializing in sushi. She became disillusioned with how restaurant workers are sometimes treated, leading her to search for other possibilities.

Discovering bodywork, she attended massage school (Oregon License # 22664), and eventually went to Thailand to learn Thai massage. After several years of practicing deep tissue massage techniques, Jess could see that her clients’ symptoms were improving, but there was a missing piece that was not giving them lasting results. This is where she discovered her true passion in the bodywork field through targeted lighter touch modalities like Bowenwork®. Since 2012, Jess has been studying Ligament Stimulation®, Bowenwork® and the Tensegrity Medicine® approach.

“I especially like working with people who WANT to get out of their pain patterns.”

Jess DuMond, LMT, PBP, TMP